Other Committees

 Discipline Committee

The Discipline Committee is in charge of ensuring a campus congenial to study. The Committee consists of senior faculty members, NSS Programme Officers, the Staff Advisor to the College Union, elected members of the College Council and five elected student representatives of the College Union.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee is the face of the college. It establishes cordial relations with the media and other agencies and thereby ensures the goodwill and support of the community.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee is responsible for instilling basic human values in students thus making them better human beings. It also ensures that the code of conduct in the College is followed.

Equal Opportunity Cell

This cell helps the students with gender sensitization by being active in raising awareness of gender equality concerns. The cell conducts various gender sensitization campaigns, training workshops and other programmes.

Campus Beautification Committee

This Committee is in charge of preserving and enhancing the beauty of the college campus.

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