Administrative Bodies

College Council

This is a statutory body that advises and assists the Principal in all academic and administrative matters. The Council consists of the Heads of Departments, elected representatives from the teaching staff, a representative of the Management and the Principal who acts as the Chairperson of the Council

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC which aims at quality sustenance coordinates and supervises the post-accreditation programmes. It develops an action plan for the academic year and forwards suggestions and recommendations in important areas related to need-based academic programmes and the improvement of infrastructural facilities.

Central Planning Committee

The Committee undertakes the overall planning of the activities on the campus. It gathers proposals from various departments and monitors the implementation of the proposals.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)                                                                                             

The Parent-Teacher Association aims at a co-operative effort on the part of the parents and teachers for the overall development of the college. This association conducts seminars on Career Guidance, Counselling and also sees that vocational training classes are conducted for the students.Financial aid for economically backward and deserving students and awards for proficiency are some of the other services rendered by this association.             Executive members

Executive Body

The Body executes all the decisions made by the IQAC. It is made up of the Principal, Heads of Departments, the Staff Secretary, the Staff Advisor and the Chairman of the College Union. Executive body includes sub committees constituted by faculty and student 

I. Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is in charge of bringing out the publications in the College – the newsletter, the college magazine and the college interdisciplinary research journal, Seek

II. IT Committee

The IT Committee has been set up with courses designed by the members of this Committee. Satellite-enabled instruction in Spoken and Written English is offered. The College provides a comprehensive training programme to the students to improve their Soft Skills and English language competency. 

III. Research Committee

The Research Committee is constituted to enhance the academic programmes in the college. It keeps the members of the faculty informed of the schemes of the UGC and other funding agencies. The Committee also makes sure that the proposals are submitted on time and that follow- up action is taken.

IV. Website Committee

The Committee is in charge of updating the website periodically. The college website provides information about the College and its activities.

V. Info Bank Committee

This Committee has been constituted to maintain a chronological record of the events in the College.

VI. Handbook Committee

This Committee is responsible for updating the College Handbook which is an annual publication that provides information about the College.

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