ASCAA (All Saints’ College Alumni Association)

The Association fosters and maintains a network among old students of the college and works for the betterment of the Alma Mater. The ASCAA offers financial help to needy students and helps in upgrading the facilities on campus.

ASCATA (All Saints’ College All Teachers’ Association)

Our retired teachers have joined hands with the present staff and are actively involved in charitable work.

Departmental Associations

In addition, each department has its own association. In order to generate interest in the subject concerned, talks, seminar and exhibitions are regularly organized. Remedial classes are offered by all departments.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

The aim of the NSS is personality development through community service. The NSS gives students opportunities to engage themselves in constructive action for social welfare. Educational, health-related, agricultural and self-employment programmes are included in the various activities.




All India Catholic University Federation (AICUF) & Jesus Youth

As a Christian institution, the college takes a special interest in the religious and moral formation of the students. All Catholic students are the members of AICUF. Regular Christian Doctrine and Ethics classes are held for students. The Jesus Youth conduct an annual retreat, the first Friday Eucharistic Celebration, prayers, seminars, talks and leadership programmes.

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