The inaugural function of the students union 2015-16 took place on 14th January 2016. It was buzzing with vibrant energy as the crowd comprising mostly of first years started to pour in. They were eager to know what the Students union was all about. As the clock ticked 11 there were no more seats left and the buzzing sound continued. Then the crowd suddenly became silent as our dear Principal, Dr.Sheela Mary Xavier and The Chief guests of the event came in.

The Chief guest for Union Inauguration Ms. Ajeetha.Beegum, IPS, Kerala Police and the chief guest for Arts’ Club Inauguration Saranya ,Mohan,cine artist occupied the seats on the dais along with the Principal, the Arts club teachers and the Union members. The entire programme was compered by Gopika Raj of DC3 English Literature. Ms Hesly.Abraham, Chairperson, delivered the Welcome Speech. The Chief guests lighted the lamp and declared the Union formally inaugurated. Our Chief guest Ajeetha Beegum delivered the presidential address and gave us message on women insecurity and the safety measures. Saranya Mohan entertained our college with a beautiful song and also congratulated the new union members. Principal offered felicitations to the new college union. The Chair person, Hesly Abraham lead the Union in the oath to work hard and fulfil their duties and responsibilities to the college.  

The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Nandana R. Kiriyeth, Arts Club Secretary. This was followed by the national anthem and the Students Union started its journey towards another successful year. The afternoon session was followed by mind blowing programmes organised by our own students.

Office - Bearers

Chair Person -   Hesly Abraham         (Department of Commerce, TTM)

Vice Chair person - Jasmine Jay                 (Department of Commerce, Finance)

General Secretary - Athira S.V.                 (Department of English)

Arts Club Secretary - Nandana R. Kiriyeth            (Department of Commerce, Finance)

Magazine Editor    - Fathima S.S.                 (Department of Commerce, Finance)

Councillors          Aparna Deepu         (Department of Commerce, Finance)

                 Greeshma Sreekumar (Department of Economics)

Sports Secretary    - Merlin V. Boban         (Department of Chemistry)

D C I Rep         -   Gouri L.R.                 (Department of Physics)

D C II Rep         - Shishira P.S.                 (Department of English)

D C III Rep          - Bulbul Prakash         (Department of English)



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